A fridge too far? Living sustainably in NYC by unplugging – Maple Ridge News

Spodek began by deciding to go packaging-free, and one small step led to another.

He first unplugged the fridge for three winter months, and then the next year for around six months .

Spodek is quick to point out that he’s not against refrigeration in general, but views it as unnecessary for everyone to have running 24/7.

“People’s lives can be at risk if certain foods go off.

When he first unplugged his fridge, Spodek says, “I honestly wasn’t sure I could survive a week without it.

For those with large families or who need to drive to get groceries, more frequent shopping trips could cancel out the energy savings.

While refrigerators “used to be massively inefficient in the ‘70s and ’80s, their energy efficiency has increased dramatically since then,” and continues to improve, he says.

Beyond the energy savings, Spodek — who works as an executive coach, teaches leadership as an adjunct professor at New York University, and blogs and podcasts about his experiences — says that going fridge-free has improved his quality of life.

He cooks with an electric pressure cooker and, very rarely, a toaster oven, powering them with a portable solar panel and battery pack.

“In the winter, it’s just beets and carrots and potatoes and onions, plus dried beans and grains.

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