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Argentina Creates Regulations for Cannabis-Based Medical Products – High Times

This month, not only has it approved the creation of non-profit patient collectives, but it has also, as of this week, created a special category for cannabis plant medications as well as designated the federal control agency for the same as the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Technology .

The new resolution is part of the project launched by the Argentina Ministry of Health to “protect, promote and improve the health of the population” through the regulation of cannabis-based products.

Unlike other countries , Argentina appears to be on a fast track to implementing not only a national cannabis industry, but further one which does not only favor large corporations with money.

However, it is notable that unlike in Germany specifically, if not most of Europe at present, there is no discussion of limiting the market to for-profit entities—and indeed quite the opposite.

It will be interesting to see how Argentina, as a legalizing country, continues to roll out such reforms, although it is also fairly clear that for now, recreational reform is off the table.

Argentina is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world by land mass and has the second-largest economy in the South American hemisphere.

Beyond its impact on the cannabis industry in the American hemisphere, it is not inconceivable that Argentina’s move to formalize its cannabis industry will have a significant impact on the ever-hovering question in Spain, which has so far resisted federal reform of any kind.

Beyond the Spanish-speaking world, however, it is striking that the country has decided to take a page out of North American reform.

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