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Body types should never be trending – The Temple News

Among the 219 shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris during the previous fashion season, only 17 brands included at least one plus-size model, which is less than in previous years, The Cut reported.

During the past 10 years, the Brazilian Butt Lift, a surgical operation that transfers fat from the hips and abdomen to the butt to make it look fuller, has been trending with many celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, surgically adopting the body type.

College students spend a minimum of one to two hours a day on social media, so when body types become social media trends, it enforces to students that their value is determined by their appearance.

Celebrities, social media influencers and users should be mindful of the weight loss methods they are sharing because it’s often harmful and further contributes to eating disorders and negative self-image.

In the 2010s, the Kardashian family made the BBL body shape a trend, and many women underwent the surgery to achieve a curvier look.

Using Ozempic can be dangerous and cause serious side effects including kidney problems and changes in vision, according to the drug’s manufacturer.

People tend to idolize and imitate the actions of celebrities with big platforms even though they, as well as other social media users, share curated images of their bodies that may be surgically modified or photoshopped.

The pursuit of extreme weight loss amid the revival of heroin chic takes a toll on physical and mental health, reinforcing the idea that having the socially ideal body type is all that matters.

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