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Hashtag Trending March 8 – International Women’s Day | IT World Canada News

Nearly half of the female respondents reported that their company currently offers no programs or activities that promote gender equality at work. Additionally, more than 40 per cent of women have never asked for nor received a promotion, compared to just 33 per cent of men.

These artists received nearly half a billion editorial streams within their first month of joining the program.

The Tallest Poppy study also found that men in leadership positions were more likely to penalize or undermine women due to their success.

Llewellyn, like Borno, was born in Kuwait, but she and her family had already moved to Cairo, Egypt when Hussein’s troops arrived in her home country.

A guy says exactly the same thing and it’s the best idea since sliced bread.“At one point, I was told I was too outspoken, I was too aggressive, so I turned it back.

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