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Turkey Day roundtable: 49ers as Thanksgiving dishes

And in honor of turkey day, the Niners Nation staff is breaking down what 49ers would be on a Thanksgiving plate.

But when things are bad and drives are stalling, well…it’s hard to watch.

Mashed Potatoes: I think this is Jimmy G.

You can always count on gravy to make things more delicious, and such is the case for the running backs the Niners are working with now.

The kid brings SO much to the 49ers offense and now sits fifth behind Jerry Rice in most receiving yards through 10 games in franchise history with 994.

They say don’t eat dessert before dinner, but what about a dish that’s so good it tastes like dessert but gets to be on the dinner plate? That’s what Al-Shaair does on the field for the 49ers.

Stuffing: Back to offense and the guys that often don’t get enough praise but are extremely important additions to making the offense go is the offensive line.

He’s racked up ten sacks this season, and he fits just about anywhere, efficiently defending against both the run and pass game.

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This whole “they played the game script perfectly for Jimmy to thrive” thing falls apart when the run defense snuffs out our rush and force Jimmy to throw deep, and the whole “you just never had turkey done perfectly like my grandmothers’ recipe” falls apart when you realize that you’re dousing the white meat with sauces/condiments .

But when you dig deeper, gravy saves the white meat and the mashed potatoes, and you realize that gravy is more than just a flashy attention-grabber.

If it were up to me, pumpkin pie would be served as an appetizer, a side dish, a dessert, and a drink , and if it were up to me, Trent Williams would be in the MVP conversation.

But douse them in sugar and marshmallows and calories, and all of a sudden, you have one of the strongest dishes of the night.

The leftovers sandwich is the better tomorrow you dream of when you’re two hours in, relatives arguing, food getting cold, and you’re just over it all.

There are much better main dish option of the meat type, but you can’t quite bring yourself to pull through trigger on the rib roast due to the cost, or maybe you’re just cheap.

Excellent finisher that you keep coming back to between bites of your Mom’s dry bird because it’s the only dish she puts the time and effort into despite their being other really good options like sweet potatoes .

Dessert is the most exciting part of every meal, and sweet potato casserole is the best dessert on a Thanksgiving table.

Armstead’s 2019 and 2021 stand out as exceptional, but he’s been a good contributor in each of his seven NFL seasons.

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Armstead has rarely received the credit he deserves for his work on the d-line and, like mashed potatoes, is supremely underrated because of it.

I try to avoid making disparaging jokes about players outside the context of their play, but this joke was too good to pass up, and that meant someone was going to have to draw the short straw.

Turkey is probably the right answer for Jimmy G, but since a few of my colleagues already did that, I figured I should take aim at the most overrated side on the table.

I’ve been dragged to some of the new Mac N Cheese places that have popped up, and I have to admit, I was more impressed than I expected.

He has always been a good player but his growth as a receiver has helped this offense tremendously.

His impact on the running game with elite blocking is unmatched from the tight end position.

Maybe it’s just my family, but I feel like there are never enough mashed potatoes on thanksgiving—filling, tasteful , and dependable.

Doesn’t that sound like everyone’s favorite fullback? In the modern NFL, the position is treated like a splurge, but within Shanahan’s offense, it’s a key piece of the puzzle.

They are reliable, versatile, and a safe bet to fill up your plate when the other options aren’t looking so hot.

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I’m not a yam/sweet potato guy, but when you broil them in brown sugar and butter, it adds a whole new dimension to the game.

Rolls: Trent Williams. A hot roll with butter doesn’t sound that important, but when operating at peak performance, it can absolutely body anything that dare touch your plate.

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