5 winners and 3 losers from Week 12 in the NFL

When it comes to the NFL this season it feels like every week has been a gift, and that’s dulled the spirit of the holidays, if I’m being honest.

At this point the whole season feels like waiting in line for 17 hours to ride a new, exciting rollercoaster, then getting to the front of the queue and realizing you’ve ridden it before.

Now they’ve not only beaten one of the best teams in the AFC in Tennessee, but dominated them in a 36-13 beatdown that reasserted that Mac Jones is going to be a damn problem for everyone else in the NFL.

At this point there is no doubt Jones is the best rookie QB in the NFL, but the question now pivots to discussion about where he’ll end up among the greatest rookie seasons of all time.

The Alabama rookie was barely asked to throw downfield, had plays tailored to his limited knowledge of the NFL, and basically allowed him to be a perfectly serviceable NFL quarterback from the jump.

Assuming his season continues on its current path, Jones’ 2021 projection exceeds anyone’s wildest imagination.

This season is even more impressive when you consider that Jones didn’t even come into his own until Week 5.

Jones may not break Andrew Luck’s rookie passing yards record , but when we consider he’s trending to only be 3.1% off Drew Brees’ single-season completion percentage record, well, there’s an argument to be made.

You have the greatest tactical coach of all time getting to focus on single opponents, and now a QB who can execute his vision.

This is all a lead in to say: When it comes to head coaches, the Panthers have really been kind of blessed — so they were due for a bad one.

Like a drunken gambler betting the house on a 2-4 on suit before seeing the flop, the Panthers gave everything to Rhule to convince him to come to Charlotte.

If you’ve been following along, that’s a whole lot of expensive-ass mistakes to wind up where the Panthers started.

Hiring Gettleman was a legendarily terrible decision after he burned the Panthers to the ground on the way out the door, and he did it again with the team where he started in the NFL.

I think you can learn a lot about a team in defeat as well as victory, and the Colts’ narrow loss to the Buccaneers told me everything I needed to see.

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