A Life: Carl Patten ‘set the gold standard for work ethic’

But he wasn’t back to his car before Steven Patten said he heard the sound of the chainsaw running and Carl Patten rolling logs up a plank one by one.

From an early age, hard work was a part of Carl Patten’s daily routine.

Patten was born May 6, 1930, to Orion and Marjorie Patten and grew up in Milford, N.H.

“His wife had left him with two little boys and so we were both in the same boat.

Patten would manage projects, Marlene Patten would do the bookkeeping and Steven and Gary trained under them.

“He’d send me over with a sledgehammer and I’d break the foundation up.

Like his work in the construction field, Patten took a hands-on role while in office and often responded to water emergencies personally.

Patten led a group to build a new bridge starting in 1993, when he balked during Town Meeting at the idea of committing taxpayer dollars to a study of future bridge options.

Patten ultimately retired in 1998 at the age of 68.

Patten also invested more time into hobbies and volunteer efforts.

Patten, who was known for this sharp mind, also excelled at puzzles, crosswords and could easily solve a Rubik’s cube, Steven Patten said.

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