After gold miners shoot Yanomani people, Brazil cuts environmental regulation further

And they have good reasons for such criticism.

Since Bolsonaro took office in 2019, deforestation has soared nearly 50% in two years, hitting its highest level since 2008.

The Yanomami people, in the northern state of Roraima, are part of this statistic.

Kopenawa, who is head of the Yanomami’s Hutukara Association, shared a video recorded by the Indigenous community on the morning of May 10.

The day after, on May 11, the Federal Police visited the village to investigate the attack but the agents were also targeted by criminals, who, again, opened fire triggering intense crossfire for over five minutes, Kopenawa told Mongabay.

In the video video below,  Federal Police sent on May 11 to investigate the Yanomami village attack of May 10 were also targeted by the miners, triggering a five-minute gun battle.

“The situation is still very tense.

Last year, a federal judge issued an emergency ruling ordering the Bolsonaro administration to come up with an immediate plan to stop the spread of the pandemic to the Yanomami Reserve, a plan which must include the removal of all 20,000 invading miners within 10 days.

The Federal Public Ministry warned in a document today that other Indigenous communities, such as the Munduruku in northern Pará state, may also be in danger.

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