All the Broadway shows that are reopening this fall

Many details still need to be worked out, of course, but with vaccination rates rising and COVID-19 infection numbers finally falling, there’s hope that the light at the end of the tunnel will only get closer as the year goes on.

In the meantime, many shows have already announced their planned return dates for the fall.

The first Broadway revival of Caroline, or Change was set to begin previews at Studio 54 on March 13, 2020…

The play takes place at a truck-stop sandwich shop that offers its formerly incarcerated kitchen staff a shot at redemption as they pursue their shared dream of creating the perfect sandwich.

A filmed version of the musical, which tells the true story of a diverted planeload of passengers landing in Canada on 9/11, is also set to be released by Apple later this year.

Katrina Lenk leads the cast as gender-flipped protagonist Bobbie — and don’t worry, Patti LuPone is also on board to deliver “The Ladies Who Lunch” once again as Joanne.

David Byrne fans can, and have, filled the wait for American Utopia’s Broadway return with Spike Lee’s excellent filmed version to see this glorious theatrical concert once again starting Sept.

Based on the life of the late Princess of Wales, Diana at least got to begin previews before the world shut down last year.

Fittingly, Broadway’s biggest phenomenon of recent years will help it rise up once again.

“Jagged Little Pill is about the complicated and harrowing effects of what it means to be disconnected from one another — and the beautiful, exhilarating healing that can happen when we rally together in those tough moments, to become beacons of vision and empathy for one another,” Morissette said in a statement.

“When Daniel Hillard runs into the other room and emerges as everyone’s favorite Scottish nanny 18 seconds later, our director can’t yell cut and send me to a trailer for five hours.

Six, the pop musical about the wives of Henry VIII, also had its opening night stolen by COVID .

“I know the role my story serves; I hope the retelling of it is inspirational, a reminder of our capacity for resilience and a celebration of our ability to overcome adversity together,” Turner said in a statement.

Alice Childress’s 1955 play Trouble in Mind, a somewhat meta, satirical work about the production of a racially charged play, will make its Broadway debut this fall at the American Airlines Theatre.

Chu Wicked movie is happening when we see it, but in the meantime, the blockbuster musical will also kick off Broadway’s comeback on Sept.

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