An encouraging trend: BC eager to go electric

We watched the movie “Who Killed the Electric Car” with a mix of interest and horror and have watched the trends as they now lean back toward electric vehicles, with curiosity.

It was an electric automobile that required no gas, oil, muffler or brake changes and was, seemingly, the world’s first perfect car.

That has led to an estimated 216,000 tonnes in emission reductions per year.

I also understand we live on one earth, and my 11 grandchildren need to have a future where people have shown a greater understanding and compassion for the one place we all have to live.

I’ve seen ads in which GM has once again come to the forefront with a full chassis battery for its electric vehicles.

And there are rebates for outfitting homes with changing stations through CleanBC and BC Hydro, and a number of other programs with acronyms I can’t figure out, but there are lots of incentives out there.

I know for sure it can never be as satisfying as burning out with a Hemi engine, but hey, I’d still like to give one a whirl.

Life, I’ve learned is about change, adapting, grappling, problem-solving and hopefully finding solutions to embrace.

The days ahead seem pretty clear, EV’s are here to stay this time, no smashing them all up.

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