Another BitCoin Exchange Scam—This Time “Live” on YouTube | FortiGuard Labs

Many people today, especially as the effects of Covid-19 continue to linger, spend time at home looking for ways to interact with the outside world.

Essentially, this is a typical scam, much like the recent Bitcoin exchange scams seen on Twitter.

In the following sections you will find technical details on how we identified this recent live BitCoin scam.

The next thing I noticed was the video’s caption message, “Our mission is to advance humanity by solving the world’s hardest problems. We want to thank our supporters and also help crypto mass adoption, so 1000 BTC will be distributed among everyone who takes part in the event.

Another red flag was that while this YouTube channel had 252k subscribers, there was only ONE video on the channel.

The above images show that the attacker has crafted a simple website where he provides details about how the “Bitcoin exchange” would work, and then displays several fake transactions to convince users into sending him/her Bitcoins.

Instead, this video and their names and reputations have been stolen to create the false impression that this scam is legitimate.

I was able to determine that this video had been hijacked because several times during the interview the video displays the “Real Vision Finance” name and logo on the top right of the screen.

Using this one scam, for example, the attacker has managed to siphon off more than $73,000 worth of BTC from naïve viewers.

And at the same time, the attacker is also maligning the reputations of the YouTube Platform and billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya .

So what? How does it impact me, you may ask? Well, if you already sent BTC to the attacker’s address, then it has already impacted you.

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