Bitcoin Adoption Keeps Growing During Alt Season, Blockchain Data Shows

Bitcoin dominance, the ratio of cryptocurrency’s value to the overall market cap of digital assets, is at the lowest level since April 2018.

The association, which comprises 26 financial firms and non-profits, said it was relocating its main operations from Switzerland to the United States and withdrawing its payment system license application with the Swiss financial regulator.

BlockFi, which just announced a $350 million Series D led by Bain Capital Ventures, Pomp Investments, Tiger Global, and partners of DST Global, is building a full-fledged financial institution for crypto investors, offering four products to retail investors: BlockFi interest accounts .

That’s all before the upcoming summer travel season is expected to unleash a wave of pent-up demand built up during the pandemic.See also: N.J., Pennsylvania Hit by Mad Dash for Gasoline Amid Crisis“Even if everything is fixed at this second, we’re probably still looking at a couple of weeks of trouble,” said Bill O’Grady, executive vice president at Confluence Investment Management in St. While the agency cut its oil consumption forecasts in a monthly report, it said the glut is now just a small fraction of levels seen at the depths of the coronavirus fallout last year.“Inventories are still trending in the right direction,” said Quinn Kiley, a portfolio manager at Tortoise, a firm that manages roughly $8 billion in energy-related assets.

The sector has long resisted cybersecurity regulation or substantial investments in part because they haven’t seen much of a need, according to industry and cybersecurity experts.The oil and gas industry, which includes the companies that own wells, pipelines and refineries, has long been a laggard in security spending and that gap has only widened in the last three years versus financial services and telecom industries, said Brian Walker, a principal at The CAP Group in Dallas, a risk advisory firm.Small energy companies spend about 0.25% of their revenue on security, compared to 0.75% for big electric companies, Walker said.

The old adage says to buy low and sell high, and while it’s tempting just to discount cliches like that, they’ve passed into common currency because they embody a fundamental truth.

Traders snapped up bearish contracts even as dozens of short-term options expired, with the price of one put surging as much as 7,757%.KGI Securities’ trader Kevin Lee, who has been a local stocks trader for a decade, said clients started to panic as the morning wore on.“There were non-stop orders coming in,” Lee said.

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