Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee sets out roadmap for 2021-23

The Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee was set up to shape the technical standards that will govern bitcoin’s development in the years to come.

According to Bitcoin Association, the roadmap was designed to provide an outline of the standardization outlook for Bitcoin SV over the coming years: “The roadmap is designed to summarize the current standardization landscape for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

“If you or your organization is interested in helping to define the areas of focus and standardization goals for the roadmap, please complete the participation form.

Rather than a centralized, prescriptive body, the Technical Standards Committee aims to facilitate industry in shaping the direction of Bitcoin SV.

Developers and other organizations are invited to contribute to the Technical Standards roadmap, with participation actively encouraged amongst those already building on BSV.

The roadmap is set across five different areas: Wallets, Client Services, Tokenization, Regulation and Compliance and Mining.

SPV Client Tools for Wallets aims to standardize direct payment exchange and requests, both between different wallets, and wallet to merchant.

Standards for tokenization aim at token interoperability for representation and exchange, as well as for protocol extensions for future use, and the wrapping of non-standard tokens for greater interoperability.

The roadmap is aimed at businesses, developers and agencies interested in contributing to the development of the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and infrastructure.

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