Bobby’s Retrospective on “The Green” at Lincoln Center –

When you first stepped onto The Green at Lincoln Center it felt a little like being on a moon bounce.

I visited The Green the morning it opened and what made me smile widest was seeing kids running back and forth, building momentum to get higher and higher.

It put a kick in my step and I bought an ice cream from an ice cream truck on my way out, which I virtually never do because I’m on a budget, but it just felt like things were kind of getting a little more ‘normal’ again.

I found that sitting on my butt and putting my right front leg across and over my left was the best practice for grounding myself on ‘the great curves’.

Since Lincoln Center first announced the idea back in April, the reception – at least among our readers – has honestly been pretty negative.

Years later while living in New York City, trudging home on a dour January day, Bobby read his favorite bookstore, the venerable Westsider Rare and Used Books, would soon close its doors due to ballooning rent.

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