Chuck Lorre ‘grateful’ for ‘Mom’ but disappointed it’s ending: ‘Not something we wanted’

He says he was told the series had become too expensive, given the rising costs – including salaries – of a long-running popular comedy, but that he doesn’t know the specific reasons behind a decision that would have been discussed by CBS and Warner Bros.

“Mom” made a big adjustment in Season 8 with the departure of one of its main stars, Anna Faris.

“It was a formidable undertaking to map a road forward without the co-star of the show.

It started with Christy, early in addiction recovery, juggling restaurant work and raising two children as a single mother.

But I really liked the idea that the end of the series is not the end of the story.

“It was a really crazy winter but most importantly, no one got seriously ill and no one was hospitalized to my knowledge.

“The excitement and energy of working in front of a live studio audience was taken away from us.

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