Dave Hoops column: What’s trending in beer, brewing for 2023 – Duluth News Tribune

At the start of each New Year, I do some thinking about what’s coming next in the beer world.

Here are some thoughts and predictions for 2023 in the post-COVID world of beer.

We continue to be optimistic for many reasons, though.I found these Minnesota-centric numbers on the University of Minnesota Extension website; it ran a study from 2019-2020.

Brewers have stepped up their NA game by starting to make beer that tastes like beer with one-third or less calories and carbs and no alcohol.

These beers are tasty and fulfilling without the need to call a taxi or skip dinner because you took in 800 calories on two glasses of Imperial Stout.

The good beer movement is uber local and the taprooms with their events, game playing and conversation offer a very bright future for generations of beer drinkers to come back and enjoy a great atmosphere with some great food.

Styles like Extra Special Bitter, Porter, German Wheat, Scotch Ale, Brown, Mild Ale, Stout and old-school Pale Ale will all see a comeback this year as more beer drinkers seek a return to these easy drinking classics.

The perfect balance of a malt like Maris Otter paired with the grassy lavender and mild pepper notes of a hop like East Kent Golden would be one example.

Pepper beers do not need to be hot and spicy; however, they do need to feature the aroma and flavor of the chili.

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