Did Bo Burnham: Inside wreck you? Let’s talk about it

For most of us, “getting through the day” was the top thing on our to-do lists.

It’s not just performance art either, even though Burnham does get into an argument with a sock puppet about the systemic exploitation and oppression of the global workforce, among other things.

Or, if you’re like me, you thought you were totally fine – and then Inside found the psychic bruise, the one that’s been spreading like an ink stain deep in your soul, and poked it over and over again, until not feeling what you’re feeling was simply no longer possible.

Something about that juxtaposition – the bouncy tune and the mournful warning of the words – well, it just pierced the flimsy fabric of my holding-it-together fa├žade.

Even the purely “funny” songs – like “FaceTime With My Mom Tonight” or “White Woman’s Instagram” – pulsate with an undercurrent of hopelessness, and the ennui that stems from living amidst a constant barrage of uncurated information.

But as Burnham notes just past the one-hour mark, “Real world, human-to-human, tactile conduct will kill you,” and we should all just contain our interactions in the “much more real interior digital space.” To that end, please interact with me and other Burnham fans by taking the poll below.

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