ECB day and trouble in travel while Bitcoin is oversold

All eyes will be on the European Central Bank today as it makes a decision on its monetary policy.

“The bank isn’t likely to have a full assessment of the pace of asset purchases until summer.

Over in the US, investors will be looking carefully at the next moves by the US regulators.

“The dilemma is tough because if the SEC decides that big money doesn’t need to show their short positions, then there will be concerns of a less level playground.

“Reducing the frequency of these filings could once again give big money more advantage, which they already have.

As for the tourism sector, we had IATA further widening its estimate for losses this year because of the soaring number of virus cases.

“Investors have been waiting for a day when they will see air travel returning to its previous glory.

“The Bitcoin price needs to break above the 50-day SMA on the daily time frame and stay above this average.

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