Florida man sentenced to 4 years for cyberstalking childhood serial killer victim, her sisters

“George did not know the surviving victim or her sisters,” according to the U.S.

A federal judge on Thursday sentenced George, 25, of Cross City, Florida, to more than four years in prison for cyberstalking.

Federal court records, which identify George’s victims only by their initials, indicate that the victim was one of two young girls attacked as they slept the early morning of Dec.

Serial killer’s victim: Kaylene “Katy” Harris, 13, was stabbed 16 times and had her throat slit Dec.

Sells, a drifter who had befriended Harris’ parents through their church, had visited the family’s mobile home multiple times prior to the murder, according to the Clark County, Indiana, prosecuting attorney.

“Sells put his hand over Katy’s mouth and brandished a 12-inch boning knife he had brought with him.

31, 1999, murder of Kaylene “Katy” Harris, 13, in her home near Del Rio, Texas.

She popped her head up to see what was going on and saw a man with long, scruffy hair and an unruly beard standing in the room.

“He opened the door, almost had the light off, looked one last time — and he saw me looking at him,” she told the show’s producers.

The young girl stumbled from the Harris home, leaving behind a trail of blood and bloody handprints on the walls.

Sells was ultimately convicted of killing Katy and sentenced to death.

Russell Dardeen, 29, was slain, along with his pregnant wife, Ruby Dardeen, 30, and their 3-year-old son, Peter.

Federal court records show that George began his campaign of terror by sending her a crime scene photo on or around Nov.

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