Global $125+ Billion Eco-Friendly Bitumen Markets, 2021-2025: Increasing Demand for …

Construction being the major application of eco-friendly bitumen, growing highways contrition is projected to remain the primary factor for uplifting product demand till 2025.Despite of having a positive growth prospect, global eco-friendly bitumen demand faced a major setback in 2020 due to declining construction activities in most parts of the world.

however, with the industry regaining its original pace, the eco-friendly bitumen demand is also forecasted to follow a significant growth trend in the near future.Competitive LandscapeThe competitive landscape of the eco-friendly bitumen market comprises of strategies adopted by key players to strengthen their market presence.

However, the market has a high growth potential growth, and therefore, various construction companies are adopting measures to expand their product portfolios in green and sustainable bitumen alternatives.

The product has achieved a carbon footprint reduction.

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