Green Homes Grant: turning a mess into a marvel | Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit

Despite its multitude of failings, government data on the now-closed scheme gives a valuable insight into public enthusiasm for home upgrades and offers a wealth of insight into how a replacement can be best designed.

Final figures show over 160,000 applications submitted in just six months, with a surge just before it was scrapped.

Even before the scheme opened, the popularity of the Government’s flagship home energy efficiency scheme was clear.

However, with over 8,300 households applying for this measure in one month alone under the Green Homes Grant, the data shows attitudes may be changing.

Similarly, a high number of applications undermines the notion of a public resistance to clean heat.

Solar thermal shows a similar success story – in the final month of the scheme applications more than doubled to 5,700, at that rate equalling around 70,000 per year.

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