Green Mountain Power will use 200 Tesla Powerwalls as virtual power plant

GMP successfully entered the Regulation Market with this network of residential power sources after three months of testing with ISO-NE, and partnerships with ISO-NE, Tesla and Customized Energy Solutions , a software solutions company.

200 GMP customers are enrolled in the program now, and a prerequisite is that they already have two Powerwall batteries through a GMP program.

“The batteries provide seamless backup power at home when there are outages due to storms, as well as backup power to the grid when in need.

This includes a share for their program participation and for the increased use of their batteries, which can charge and discharge rapidly for periods of time each month.

There are about 3,000 Powerwalls installed in customers’ homes, and GMP’s network of stored energy, including Powerwalls, car chargers, and utility-scale batteries, helped reduce costs for customers by more than $3 million in 2020 through peak reduction, which will continue.

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