How 5 Brands are Approaching Cannabis Merchandising

With the growth and maturation of the global Cannabis market, it is inevitable that value chains and business operations will become more sophisticated. One touchpoint where this is playing out is at the point of sale. Whereas once it was fine to provide a very basic dispensary experience, now both suppliers and retailers are giving forethought to the experience and how to optimize it. Here are 5 brands that are doing just that.

  1. Dixie Brands
  2. Ample Organics
  3. Medicine Man Technologies
  4. Dispensary Display and Design
  5. RAD Expo

Dixie Brands

Dixie makes all kinds of cannabis-related products that are sold through dispensaries. It has focused on developing relationships with the individual employees that work in these retail outlets, who they call “budtenders” which is a classic merchandising strategy.

Ample Organics

As supply chains become more sophisticated there are a growing number of software providers to help manage these processes and interactions from ‘seed to sale’. Ample Organics is one such vendor that has a strong footprint in the Canadian market.

Medicine Man Technologies

Creating great customer experiences at the point of sale requires employees with the right skills. Medicine Man Technologies provides training that leads to those skills.

Dispensary Display and Design

Great experiences are also enabled through proper design of the retail environment. A big component of that are the displays and how the dispensary is laid out. Dispensary Display and Design is focused on just that.

RAD Expo

As the field of cannabis merchanding grows, the various companies and people need somewhere to go, meet, network and learn. The Retail and Dispensary Expo is the venue for that.

For each of the above there are many competitors also vying for leadership in that area. Ultimately the market is still in its infancy and growing faster than any of the competitors can grow. It’s an exciting time to see who will innovate the most and capture the greatest market share. Look for our upcoming report on the trends that will shape the Cannabis market in 2019 and beyond. To get an advanced copy of this report and others, sign-up for our newsletter.