Insecure Recap: Get In Where You Fit In

We begin this week right where we left the last — Issa staring across a hospital hallway at Lawrence and his beautiful little family, Condola and Eli.

It’s not information she’s owed, given that it’s been more than a year since their breakup and she’s dating someone new herself.

Later, during sex with Nathan, Issa tries to get him to say that he loves her, but he doesn’t take the hint.

But when one of the men begs for a haircut, Nathan commits the Black Man Cardinal Sin™ of cutting another barber’s client.

Back at the hospital, Issa brings lunch to Molly’s family, who are still sitting vigil at the hospital for her mom.

Later, Issa and Quoia celebrate that Los Angeles magazine included The Blocc’s Art Walk in their calendar of events.

They coax her from her phone and talk about how Molly has come a long way from when she started.

Issa doesn’t take this well and says that she isn’t wrong for taking opportunities to focus on her passion instead of splitting her time between weekend projects and driving Lyft.

They argue about it until Shug threatens to take his famous clients elsewhere, and when Nathan essentially tells him to make sure the door doesn’t hit him on the way out, Shug confronts him and calls him crazy because of his bipolar diagnosis.

He tells her that work can’t take precedence over their lives and that he’s always there to back her up if she needs it.

She taunts her, telling Issa that she and Lawrence are back together, engaged, happy and that his dick grew two inches after getting a new job that pays him a billion dollars.

It feels safe to predict that this pairing might be of the “the right guy was under her nose all along” variety.

When Issa gets to Nathan’s place with dinner, he tells her that he might be done at The Clips and that he’s not sure if L.A.

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