‘Insecure’ Recap, Season 5, Episode 6: Dreams and Ghosts

In the clouds of her animated mind, she shoots Elijah toward a trash can after kicking Condola into a laundry pile.

We emerge from that hilarious day dream to find Issa in her living room, where she learns, via Instagram, that Lawrence has moved back to Los Angeles.

Issa Rae has always said she wants to showcase regular Black people in the most fabulous way on “Insecure,” and this episode is a great example of that.

When she wakes up, there is a strange man’s watch in her bed, and later her co-workers show Molly a video of her dancing the previous night.

We cannot tell exactly what is going through Molly’s mind, but the strain of trying to keep it all together, in an incredibly stressful time, clearly has been taking a toll.

She pitches to the Anthology Collective, which seems like a crew of artists, and they turn her down; the hate tweets Crenshawn pressed send on in the last episode seem to be affecting her image.

The mechanics of how she is going about that at the moment do not seem to be working, as we have seen in her dealings with Crenshawn.

She is smart, so I am sure she will learn how to adapt, which might include going back to the drawing board with The Blocc.

He finally found a barbershop that feels like a good fit but his colleague Shug, who was hasty with Nathan at the beach party as well, is extremely volatile toward him.

Shug calls Nathan out for picking up one of his customers when he was late, and then he gets personal, calling him “crazy” and “bipolar.” A fight seemed imminent but Nathan eventually walked out.

It’s hilarious but it also illustrates the power of negative self-talk, a force potent enough to conjure your ex’s child’s mother while you’re trying to get dinner.

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