Is Bitcoin Similar to a Pyramid Scam? That’s what the same economist who predicted the pandemic …

Every time the world is more divided between those who trust Bitcoin as a good investment, and those who do not believe even a bit in it.

Of Lebanese origin, Taleb is famous for his 2007 book ‘The Black Swan’ , where he predicted a possible pandemic, which is already happening.

In less than 2 weeks, Bitcoin lost about 26% of its value , perhaps its worst decline in the last year.

There is no connection between the two, ” said the economist in an interview with CNBC .

“Something that moves 5% per day, 20% in a month, up or down, cannot be a currency.

Despite his current stance against it, the economist confessed that he was “initially misled” by Bitcoin .

I was not willing to have a capital appreciation, but I wanted to have an alternative to the fiat currency issued by central banks: a currency without a government.

“If you want to protect yourself against inflation, buy a piece of land.

“The best strategy for investors is to own things that will produce returns in the future.

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