Joshua Bassett talks Ricky’s ‘Bet on It’ in HSMTMTS: ‘I’m not trying to live up to Zac Efron’

Ask and you shall receive.

Before the East High theater kids found out the next school musical would be Beauty and the Beast, they all assumed the logical follow up to High School Musical would be High School Musical 2.

In preparation to film that performance, Bassett reveals he watched the scene from the movie “way too many times” before working with choreographer Zach Woodlee to learn all the movements.

And when Bassett heard he’d be doing the original choreography, he was “stoked” because he knew how much that would mean to fans.

“But once I realized that I’m not supposed to be doing it justice and it’s really just Ricky trying his best — I’m not trying to live up to Zac Efron’s performance or Troy — then I was like, we can just have fun with this one.

When it came to Troy’s certain, ah, technique in this song, Bassett laughs at how iconic the running, jumping, and spinning movements have become.

It’s such a random dance when you actually watch what Zac’s doing in the movie, you’re like, ‘What are you on?! What are you doing?’ It was interesting learning all that weird stuff but just a blast.

Looking past the season 2 premiere , there’s another song that Bassett loved performing and can’t wait for fans to see.

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