Justice League: Zack Snyder Reveals How Green Lantern Would’ve Factored Into The Knightmare …

With so much packed into the cut, you would think Snyder was able to include every plot point but, as he previously revealed, he had plans to utilize Green Lantern.

ultimately recommended that Carr’s John Stewart not be included in the finished film because the studio had other plans for the beloved comics character.

He was kind of like their scout and kind of like their, you know, ‘join the team.’ And then in the final battle against Darkseid, he would have gotten the Green Lantern Corps.

Justice League’s Knightmare sequence already included an eclectic mix of characters, but it turns out Green Lantern was going to join Batman, Joker and their squad of heroes.

These tidbits have hyped fans, and many began to call for the release of John Stewart’s scene as a result.

There’s no telling whether or not Justice League’s Green Lantern scene will actually be released but, right now, I would say the chances of it happening are pretty slim.

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