Kitco mourning the loss of Peter Hug

“Peter was arguably one of the most knowledgeable and experienced precious metals traders in North America and probably beyond.

Peter would wake up at 4:00 am to start his busy day, checking the markets, writing his commentary, trading, working on numerous projects, and being the last one to log out late in the evening after meeting with our Hong Kong office.

He wasn’t only cheerleading; he was in the trenches with you, questioning every assumption and sharing his knowledge and what he has learned while having fun all the way.

“I first got to know Peter in the 1960’s, when we were young and strong exchange traders and precious metals dealers.

“Peter was an avid outdoorsman who loved fishing and hunting.

“On one of Peter’s consulting assignments, he met and fell in love with the love of his lifeā€¦ Kelly.

Peter said he planned to continue working for a few more years, and he gave me a hard time about never wanting to retire.

Hug was well-known to Kitco viewers through his commentary and regular interviews.

Hug was a frequent speaker at precious metals conferences often quoted in the financial media space.

“The service he provided, his wealth of knowledge was really just second to none,” said Philip Newman.” managing director and founding partner of Metals Focus.

But more than his knowledge and experience, Hug is also recognized for his honesty and integrity.

He never exaggerated and always spoke with candor and a good sense of humor,” said Frank Holmes, chief investment officer of U.S.

Hug was also able to pass on his integrity to everyone he worked with.

His old-school approach to teaching and mentoring his younger staff at Kitco resulted in us all being stronger and more competent people,” Yaxley said.

A strong guiding principle for Hug since the start of his career was to make the gold market easier to access for all investors.

In the last few years at Kitco, he has helped to develop a new digital gold platform.

Throughout his career, Hug had various key consulting roles in the precious metals and foreign exchange industry.

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