Legends of Tomorrow: Caity Lotz Breaks Down Directing This Week’s Sara-Heavy, Partially-Animated Episode

All of this happened while establishing a new status quo for a major character on the series, and providin gfans with their first real insight into exactly what it is that Sara and some of the galaxy’s most dangerous aliens were abducted for in the first place.

That’s enough for anybody’s first time behind the camera but, as she pointed out with a laugh, Lotz had to do a lot of it while strapped down.

At first, I was a little worried because I was like, “I have no idea what to do.” And then once we all got on a call with Tony Cervone, who was our animation expert over at Warner Brothers, he was just super knowledgeable, and so sweet, and awesome, and excited to play with us.

.And I’m chained to a bed! It was really tough.

How do I do this?” We hadn’t really had any actor-directors, and I actually hadn’t worked with an actor-director, so I didn’t know what pitfalls I was going to be hitting beforehand.

And that we needed to get a special actor that is cleared for COVID, who could be there for blocking and rehearsals, so that I could be behind the camera, because the way that it was, there was nobody that could even stand in for me with the actors because of COVID.

But, yeah.

It’s also hard because I’m also doing this while watching the actors’s performances while I’m in the scene with them.

But then, when do you get to give notes? I’m trying to be fully present with the actor, but then also I’m like, “Oh, I need this from their performance,” or whatever.

So she loves Ava, and I think she believes in Ava’s love for her.

I’m not going to lie, I appreciated the time off though because once I was in my own storyline, I got a lot of off days.

I saw someone tweeted something that was like, “Sara Lance is now the longest running, still there, Arrowverse character.” I was like, “Oh, my gosh!” I’m like, “Wow.

She’s not even at the worst of it yet; there’s more bombs that are about to be dropped, and I think it’s a challenge for Sara, because she’s alone going through this, too.

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