Mac Jones is the perfect QB for the Patriots and that’s all that matters

This analysis is partially true, but bending over backwards to come up with reasons to disparage Jones during a successful rookie campaign simply isn’t helpful.

So why is the perception of these two players so different? What is Mac Jones doing that no other rookie in the 2021 class could have? Let’s get into it.

That doesn’t mean he’s not getting sacked, in fact, he’s been brought down 24 times this season — but there hasn’t been nearly the amount of pressure others have faced.

This means his passes only travel on average 5.4 yards through the air before the catch, but before you think this means Jones can’t throw deep, consider that Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes both have lower air yards ratings this season, and Tom Brady is just 0.3 yards more.

He’s averaging 5.3 yards YAC this season, which is first among rookies and puts him in the same ballpark as Brady .

There’s little doubt that the Patriots are one of the hottest teams in the NFL now.

So far he’s done enough not only to put the team on his back, but become regarded as one of the best young quarterbacks in the league in his first season.

So, it’ll be easier if everyone just accepts that Mac Jones really is that damn good, instead of trying to justify why he’s actually bad, then have to play catchup later.

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