Market Exploration: High Consequence Infectious Disease Medical Evacuation

On behalf of the United Kingdom in order to identify, develop and deliver an enhanced capability for Defence.

HCIDs are divided into contact and airborne groups; contact HCIDs spread by contact with an infected patient or by indirect contact with contaminated materials.

Enhancements to the current capability must take into account the constraints and environmental challenges that air and vehicular platforms bring in terms of; options for ruggedization , for maintaining patient comfort, prevention of aircraft/support personnel contamination, communications, access for treatment during transportation, extended transit times and space limitations.

We are seeking to understand what and how much further development is required for a complete solution to meet requirements, or whether a combination of separate solutions is required.

By submitting a Market Exploration Submission, you are giving us permission to keep and use the information for our internal purposes and to provide the information onwards, in-confidence, within UK Government.

A Role 4 MTF offers the full spectrum of definitive medical care that cannot be deployed to a Theatre of Operations or will be too time consuming to be conducted in Theatre.

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