Masters of the Universe: Revelation unleashes the powah! with first look at Kevin Smith’s series

After Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power ended its five-season run, Prince Adam and the world of Eternia are coming back full force to the limelight with a planned live-action movie, in addition to a CG-animated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show aimed for kids.

“Everything I’ve ever worked on in like 27 years, this is easily in the top five of my favorite, most satisfying projects,” says Smith, a He-Man superfan who showruns Revelation and executive produces with Mattel Television’s Frederic Soulie, Adam Bonnett, Christopher Keenan, and Rob David.

Split into two parts with the five episodes of Part 1 premiering on Netflix this July 23, the show features an all-star voice cast ensemble.

Prince Adam, the son of the ruling family of the realm of Eternia, uses the Sword of Power to transform into the chiseled He-Man to defend his kingdom from threats — mostly from Skeletor and his forces.

“We get to see them engage not just in clashing swords, but in far deeper conversations than we’ve ever seen them before,” he explains.

David, who previously developed He-Man comics at DC, was brought in by Mattel to redevelop Masters of the Universe across entertainment landscapes.

But it does mean that the writers room — consisting of Marc Bernardin, Eric Carrasco, Diya Mishra, and Tim Sheridan — got to “raise the stakes in ways you wouldn’t normally do,” David adds.

When I used to watch the shows as a kid, I legitimately thought that He-Man was always on the verge of getting killed by Skeletor.

David sees the story told in Revelation in two acts, which is why Netflix is releasing the episodes in two parts.

The devotion to the world of Masters of the Universe feels palpable.

” had talked about wanting to step out of animation, but he was like, ‘When you came at me with Skeletor, how could I say no?'” He had a similar experience chatting with Headey.

For David, “becoming the best version of yourself” has always been at the heart of He-Man, and it’s true now of Revelation.

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