Netflix’s Bridgerton Prequel Will Spill The Tea On Queen Charlotte’s Past

She reigned supreme on the Netflix series, and now Queen Charlotte will be the subject of a Bridgerton spinoff.

Rather than taking a page from Julia Quinn’s best-selling novels, Bridgerton’s writers made the creative choice to add a dramatized version of the real-life monarch to the TV adaptation.

Despite not including Queen Charlotte in her books, Quinn told Oprah Daily that she wrote Rosheuvel a “fan letter” after seeing her performance in the Netflix adaptation.

The spinoff is reportedly in the early development stages and doesn’t have a release date, but fans of the Regency period drama have plenty more content to look forward to regardless: Bridgerton Season 2 is currently in production, and Netflix also renewed the series for Season 3 and 4 in April.

Neflix also announced on May 14 that Jess Brownell, who previously worked on such Shondaland shows as Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and Private Practice, will take over for showrunner Chris Van Dusen on Bridgerton’s third and fourth seasons.

They hope Violet’s late husband, Edmund Bridgerton, will be included in the prequel, for example, and having actor Ben Barnes portray him is already proving to be a popular suggestion.

Quinn did also write an entire prequel series — the separate 1700s-set books devoted to the aristocratic Rokesby family, who the author noted happen to be close friends and neighbors of the Bridgertons — so readers may continue to see tie-ins.

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