Patriots keep preaching ‘2-4 mindset’ even after their 6th straight victory

The New England Patriots are very much involved in the race for the number one playoff seed in the AFC, and their Week 12 victory over the Tennessee Titans just confirmed their status as one of the best teams in the league.

Now at 8-4, things are looking good for the Patriots.

Belichick is setting the tone for the entire organization, and his players are following along regardless of how long they have been in the system.

Just because we’ve won six games, they don’t mean anything because you’re not going to win the Super Bowl now.

“We didn’t change, we won’t waver and it is the same confidence we had when we were 2-4,” he said.

Following their disappointing start into the season, the Patriots have impressively turned the ship around.

New England has plenty of reason to feel confident after its recent wins, and will need to keep it up with a big game against the Buffalo Bills on the horizon.

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