Peyton Manning Reacts to Being Elected to Broncos’ Ring of Fame

On Wednesday, the Denver Broncos announced that former quarterback Peyton Manning has been elected to the club’s Ring of Fame.

While Manning’s election to the RoF seemed like a matter of course, the honor was incredibly meaningful to the NFL’s only five-time MVP.

Having been on the field when other members of the Ring of Fame have been inducted, you can tell what a special fraternity it is and how excited they are to join such a distinguished group.

“When I came to Denver back in 2012, it was exactly how I thought it would be—a franchise with a winning tradition and incredible fan support in a great community.

Leave it up to the NFL’s best living historian to recognize the greats he’ll be joining in the Broncos’ Ring of Fame.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that Manning would pay such attention to detail and honor of those who came before him.

This man honors the game of football at every turn, which is what made his Peyton’s Places show on ESPN+ so enthralling and critically well-received.

Manning is as much a unique man as he is a unicorn of a quarterback.

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