Polls: Just over half of Americans approve of Biden at 100-day mark

Methodology: NBC News surveyed 1,000 adults from April 17-20, including 600 respondents with a cell phone only, with a margin of error at ±3.10%.

Food and Drug Administration had stopped AstraZeneca from using the facility earlier this month and halted production of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine at the plant as it began investigations into an error that led to millions of doses of J&J’s vaccine being ruined last month.

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Addison said a 14-year-old boy was arrested near the scene and has been charged with possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

And we’re really trying to understand the circumstances more clearly.” Speaking with CBC Radio’s Metro Morning, Huyer said it’s unclear if Viegas was sickened by one of the coronavirus variants of concern, which have been found to be more transmissible and more likely to cause serious illness and death. Death ‘truly heartbreaking,’ leaders say A spokesperson confirmed that Viegas was a student in the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board Across Peel Region, which has been especially hard hit throughout the pandemic, the girl’s death came as a shock to political leaders.

Wildford says collision specialists were at the scene Monday morning and that members of the Independent Investigations Office, which investigates all police-involved cases of serious injury or death, are responding.

A motorist who had been travelling on 111th Avenue told 911 operators he spotted a man in medical distress lying in the middle of the road.

Adults who live in the Seven Oaks West neighbourhood in Winnipeg can also now get a shot, as can people who work there in certain public-facing jobs, including teachers, grocery store workers and child care staff.

EDMONTON — The mayor of the region that includes Fort McMurray says he has spoken with Premier Jason Kenney to find ways to fight a COVID-19 crisis that has brought on a state of local emergency.

What’s the latest? Ontario has made a formal request to the Canadian Armed Forces to help deal with a surge in critical care cases associated with COVID-19’s third wave, just days after it rejected an offer by the federal government to send in extra personnel. Anyone returning to the community on the Canadian side of the international border who’s been farther than 160 kilometres away — or visited Montreal — for non-essential reasons is asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

“The department reviewed test results of all vaccine lots that came into Canada, as well as the company’s quality control steps implemented throughout the manufacturing process to mitigate potential risks of contamination.” The Johnson & Johnson vaccines expected this week do not come from the Baltimore facility, it added.

“I already have had some of the leaders of the Alberta energy sector get in touch with me since the budget came out to say they’re looking forward to working on that, too.” A matter of emphasis Kristen van de Biezenbos, an expert on energy law at the University of Calgary, said that instead of discussing emissions targets, Freeland may have been emphasizing a detail from the recent Supreme Court of Canada ruling on the carbon tax.

OPTIONS FOR OUTPATIENTS There’s one choice now: Antibody drugs, which can cut the chances of needing to be hospitalized by 70% if given within 10 days of the start of symptoms. Eli Lilly and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals are authorized to supply their treatments to patients at high risk of serious illness, and the U.S. Demand for these drugs has been shockingly low — many patients don’t know about them, doctors and hospitals initially weren’t set up to give them, and IVs are inconvenient, though Regeneron has also tested giving its treatment as shots. I could barely speak.” Her hospital arranged for her to get the antibody treatment at nearby North Shore University Hospital, which had a medical tent with IV stations to treat many people at once, and she recovered at home. A PILL ON THE WAY? Developing drugs for respiratory diseases is tough, partly because doses have to be high enough for the medicine to reach deep into the lungs yet not so high that they’re toxic.

Ali Syed, a worker at SaskPower’s Boundary Dam in Estevan and father of three young children, died Sunday from COVID-19, according to a GoFundMe page set up to raise money for Syed and his family.

“The pension funds, and the large real estate investors in that community that has typically owned the assets in the downtown, is neither interested in investing in our city core with new equity, nor is new debt available to our market.” Hutcheson said estimates of a 20-year turnaround for downtown real estate can’t be allowed to become reality — and won’t if council approves the strategy. “Our biggest risk for the downtown is to do nothing as there is no forecast that shows those property values will ever come back on their own without significant and sustained action.” Hollowing out of the core has removed $16 billion in value from the city’s tax rolls since 2015. The downtown strategy is a guiding document that would attempt to retool the core from being a business district that is often empty at night to one with more amenities, more pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, better connections to green space, more housing and more life beyond the work week.

“Their periods of communicability, where applicable, would still have been during the time when the case was in school.” Since the beginning of April, Hamilton boards have reported 335 cases — 210 in the public board and 125 at the Catholic board. The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, which has a student population of approximately 50,000, reported 18 probable and confirmed cases — 17 students and one staff — between April 19 and 25, the first week of the current round of remote learning.

Both governments are working to accelerate the energy transition, but their oil industries are interdependent, so a policy shift in one country can affect energy supply, and the political balance, in the other.

It is a key element in holding the administration of justice accountable to justice system participants and the public at large.” The sweeping publication bans the prosecutor applied for in these cases is a departure from a more restrained approach it took at the sentencing hearings of two others charged in connection with Norwegians death.

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