Port of Corpus Christi Plans Green Hydrogen Production Facility

The Port of Corpus Christi, Teas is joining a growing list of ports around the globe seeking to become part of the emerging hydrogen infrastructure to support the maritime and other industries.

The hydrogen produced would be clean fuel that could be used in existing high carbon intensity industries and processes, such as refining, ammonia and fertilizer productions, and thermal power generation.

“As the Energy Port of the Americas, we are working to find new ways to operationalize our commitment to decarbonization.

The first set of facilities in the energy will be made up of an up to approximately 210 MW solar project and an up to 840 MWh battery storage facility.

On Tuesday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi approved the project, which will involve the widening and deepening of the southern part of the canal where giant boxship Ever Given went aground and blocked traffic for six days in March.

We need to understand the scale of the problem of mental health at sea, offer solutions and support – and take action to help struggling seafarers.

A coalition of NGOs led by Transport & Environment has called on the European Commission to “explicitly exclude” biofuels and natural gas from a new clean marine fuel initiative, advocating for investment in electricity-based fuels instead.

The project, which is designed to contribute to the development of the broader global hydrogen infrastructure, focuses on shipping hydrogen to be used to power facilities operated by Keppel Data Centers in Singapore.

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