Report: UK should harness geothermal potential to power ‘green recovery’

The report argues that the introduction of a targeted Geothermal Development Incentive by the government could result in up to 12 geothermal projects being operational by 2025.

The report argues that the proposed policy would provide a much-needed catalyst to the industry, laying the foundations for around 360 sites to be established by 2050 providing an extra £1.5bn in investment, 10,000 direct jobs, and 25,000 indirect jobs.

The report notes that, as demonstrated in other European countries, the rapid roll out of geothermal on a large-scale can only be achieved through initial government support.

But the success of geothermal developments in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other countries, is closely linked to their governments’ support of the technology through policies, regulations, incentives, and other initiatives.

Michael Chendorain, associate director at ARUP, said the UK could match and even surpass these success stories if the government provided the correct support.

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