Seth Rogen Reveals His Most Embarrassing Celebrity Encounters in Yearbook

Since getting his start in a gay bar in his hometown of Vancouver, the comedian has written, directed and produced dozens of movies.

Following the finale of Freaks & Geeks, Seth and Jason were on the search for their next big roles, when they were both offered the opportunity to audition for the role of Cheddar in 8 Mile.

According to Seth, they auditioned together for the sake of ease, but it turned out to be a terrible decision as they couldn’t stop laughing.

At the time, Nicolas said he wanted to play a “white Bahamian” villain, which was not at all a part of the script and Seth refused to add it.

At the 2011 Grammys, Seth introduced Eminem, Dr.

Instead, he boldly approached her and was smacked by a security guard, spilling his drink on himself in the process.

The screenwriter recalls asking the rapper to perform something for him, recalling, “He put his head down and thought for a long moment.

A few months later, Kanye showed up at his door and asked Seth’s wife, Lauren Miller, if Seth wanted to come outside and play basketball.

They declined the trip, but Seth writes, “We both still talk about how insane and awkward it would have been, and we wish we could have experienced it.

Seth discusses the controversy surrounding his movie, The Interview, at great lengths before revealing many of Hollywood’s biggest players supported him when Sony wouldn’t.

“In the midst of the mayhem, I got an email from Russell Crowe, who I’d only met a couple of times, inviting me to his ranch in Australia to hide if I needed to.

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