Snake Eyes first look: Henry Golding isn’t your average Joe in new era for franchise

There have been varying mythologies in the Joe-verse surrounding why this warrior remains in silence, but the creators of the franchise’s next big feature-length movie found an alternative solution.

“It was one of the reasons why we picked the backstory ‘How did he become Snake Eyes?'” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura mentions.

“I wanted to see something different, and I wanted it to look different, to feel different,” Golding says.

Like, what is Snake’s real name? Such details were once considered “classified” in the canon of the series.

They love each other as brothers because they’ve been through the same thing.” After saving the Arashikage’s heir apparent, Snake is taken to Japan “to train” and “really bring out the true essence of who he is,” the actor adds.

“He’s a burdened man when the movie begins, and in this process, he lifts some of the burden,” di Bonaventura notes.

However, di Bonaventura says that effort “really didn’t generate much for us.” “My opinion of that room was that never really worked very well, unfortunately.

Another idea was to center a film around The Baroness, a popular villainess and the lieutenant of Cobra Commander, head of the international villainous organization.

Paramount developed a shortlist of actors to take on the main role, but Golding was the first one they went out to, and he fortunately said yes.

“What I have learned over doing many, many, many action pictures is you can teach people action if they’re athletic,” says di Bonaventura, who’s worked on Transformers, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Salt, American Assassin, and more.

When he was first in talks for the role, it was important to him that they didn’t make “a cookie-cutter movie.” “Myself and Robert, we went for lunch and I was like, ‘It has to be different.

After making movies like RED, Allegiant, and The Captain, Schwentke took an approach to Snake Eyes that paid homage to his love of Japanese samurai movies, especially chanbara .

Now, Weaving’s iteration will be drawn into Snake’s story after he “gets his nose into something,” di Bonaventura explains, which then also brings in The Baroness.

“They are absolutely an element, but it’s looking at it this way: You meet somebody, watch their struggle, the struggle leads to the world of G.I.

“It’s phenomenal that Paramount and Hasbro chose to go right to the beginning and really start off with such a story.

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