Superman & Lois star Erik Valdez unpacks that ‘pivotal’ Kyle twist

As it kind of got closer to the episode and drafts got rewritten, I read it and said, “Wow, this is going to be huge!” This kind of a cool pivotal moment for Smallville and for Kyle.

So when I read that, I literally went down a Google rabbit hole, like “What do Kryptonians talk like?” and tried to find out as much information possible about the voice change, not knowing whether they would process it in post or not.

Then one of our props guys, Elliot, he has this little device: It’s like glasses with these little antennae down the side with red LEDs at the end of it.

I had an idea and did some research looking at previous portrayals of Superman or other Kryptonians and how they use the heat vision.

Initially there’s a little bit of a balance, right? Because as we’re starting to see how this takes shape, once you’ve gone through the process, so to speak, it takes a little bit of time for it to take hold of its host.

Don’t even go that route.” Since Kyle has got a bit of a twang to his voice anyway, it was a little bit of my natural voice, maybe slightly deeper, that I used, but the enunciation and everything is different and they add a little bit of filter in post to make us sound even scarier.

In this regard, you see him really realize that he’s made mistakes and he’s not good at trying to be better, but he’s got a great heart and he’s really genuinely trying to be better for his family and girls.

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