The Challenge: All Stars recap: The elimination upset of the season!

With all these double eliminations coming each week on The Challenge: All Stars, there have been multiple shocking exits every episode.

Nehemiah’s feeling safe and confident like never before, and Derrick is really starting to feel the pressure to prove himself since it’s been so long since he’s won a Challenge .

Players must move across large beams hanging off the side of a moving truck, get a ball from one end of the course, and dunk it in the net on the other end.

The first round is Aneesa and Jisela, and it’s slow going for Jisela since her legs aren’t long enough to touch the beams. Aneesa struggles with one jump and decides to just stay there since she’s farther along than Jisela, automatically making her safe from going straight into elimination.

Ruthie, Jemmye makes it as far as Aneesa and calls it quits, while Ruthie makes it to get a ball but can’t complete the run, so they both end with zero.

Alton’s round, Darrell’s fear of heights doesn’t hold him back and they both get two.

And after the challenge ends, TJ drops the bomb that the winners are Mark and KellyAnne — and they are going straight to the final.

She always seems to find herself in the elimination right before the final and ends up getting sent home at the worst possible time, so she doesn’t want to see a repeat performance.

Aneesa kicks it off by announcing Jisela’s wishes to have someone new be voted into elimination, aside from Derrick and Alton since Derrick came second in the challenge and Alton is her Challenge bae at the moment.

They keep dishing out low blow after low blow, saying it’s Aneesa’s “own f—ing fault” for how she always gets sent home before finals and this is “shady s—.” Jisela then starts talking about how she’s lost her best friend and she’s over it, and I really don’t think the punishment is fitting the crime here.

Meanwhile, Big Easy and Nehemiah are puffing out their chests on the other side of the bar, talking mad game about how Nehemiah’s not scared of Big Easy/Nehemiah should be scared of Big Easy.

Back at the house that night, Aneesa ends up in tears over the whole Jisela situation, but she’s also still worried that she’s going to be picked to go against Jisela, which makes the whole thing even more complicated.

That makes Aneesa cry again, but this time it’s happy tears because she’s finally made the final, after over 10 years of near-misses.

Teams must climb on each other to release 10 metal rings from a nine-foot pole, and then use those rings and the chains attached to create a ladder on a giant wall.

All of a sudden, Nehemiah slips and undoes some of his ladder, widening the gap between him and Easy, giving Easy the opening to ring the bell and beat Nehemiah and Kendal.

It feels kind of wrong that the women didn’t also have to climb up and ring the bell, because I don’t think Jisela really did much work in this.

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