The Duro discussed with HandCash’s Alex Agut: The Bitcoin Bridge

The public first heard of HandCash’s Duro idea last week, but as Alex tells us, the plan has been around for a long time.

All it requires is some interface changes in wallet and payment-accepting apps that convert the prices to BSV units in the background.

That said, it will still take some getting used to, and Bitcoin users will still need to be convinced that the Duro is a better way of doing things.

For many, that will help fulfil the “dream” of moving Bitcoin use into the background, moving attention away from Bitcoin-holding and its enthusiast culture, which comes with its own baggage.

The name, Alex explains, comes from a centuries-old informal Spanish word for 5 pesetas.

Watch the full interview to get the whole story, how app developers and users have responded to the idea, and what Alex thinks it’ll take for the concept to gain acceptance.

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