The real price of gold is at $2100, here’s why – former US Mint director

Even though gold’s spot prices are still trading below $1,750 an ounce, the real price of gold is a few hundred dollars higher, according to Ed Moy, former U.S.

And you ended up with gold currently being around $2,100, which is around the record highs that we saw in August,” said Moy, who served as the U.S.

Mint saw its best start to the year in two decades when it comes to the sale of its popular bullion coins.

Mint gold bullion coins, you will find that there is anywhere between $250 and $350 of a premium on top of the gold spot price to buy those coins.

Moy pointed out that investors are turning to gold coins because of the fear of uncontrollable inflation coming in the future.

“With all that extra monetary and fiscal stimulus, investors are saying that as the money flows through the economy, it is going to cause inflation.

And as a result, the solution that the government is advocating right now is the wrong one, and it’s like putting gasoline on a fire.

“Individual investors do not have the sophisticated financial tools that institutions do to hedge like various complicated derivatives.

And so, if you see that leverage go from 50 contracts for an ounce of gold to 120 contracts to every ounce of gold, that has an impact on the market that far outweighs one investor buying one ounce of physical gold,” he said.

And that catalyst will likely be a sudden and dramatic impact in any of the numbers that contribute to inflation, including the CPI,” Moy said.

environment, and there are some concerns about the stability of the dollar and the dollar holding its value over time because of the fears of inflation,” he explained.

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