The rise of cryptocurrency astrology: Why Bitcoin traders are turning to the stars

Many have tried to crack the pattern of what makes it go up and down, with varying degrees of success.

Bitcoin has several inception dates attached to it, but its birthday is most commonly celebrated on 3 January.

He then observes the movements of the planets and what they might mean for Bitcoin, looking for signs of how it will move, and whether it will encounter challenges.

Christeen has been a financial astrologer for 30 years, and has written several books on the subject.

But the entrance of cryptocurrencies onto the scene has given financial astrologers something completely new to get their teeth into.

“Saturn, which represents difficulties, obstacles, limitations scarcity and fear, was conjunct the bitcoin natal sun,” he explains.

He has got some calls wrong though, and says that these were generally the result of either his own biases or of the inscrutability of certain signs.

She herself learned the ropes of financial astrology from traders in the City of London.

Robert says that the main interest in his work appears to come from people who are primarily crypto-traders, looking for something that may give them an edge.

He also points to the way the internet has made this kind of thing available to a wider range of people.

And notably, the same thing is happening in finance: greater accessibility of information, the ease of using apps, and the sense of something that was previously limited to a small elite being opened up.

As these technological advances put astrology and trading into the hands of more people, especially young people, so new financial astrologers are emerging online.

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