This hydroponic farm on Fogo Island grows fresh greens year round

Luscious leafy greens — everything from romaine lettuce, kale, sorrel, basil, and turnip greens — grow all year round inside their building in Stag Harbour.

The farm system uses a nutrient-film technique, consisting of pipes, pumps, and plastic reservoirs the pair constructed themselves.

“All the water they get, how the nutrients are dissolved in that water, the oxygen that’s dissolved in that water.

Naturally, he says, he wanted to know how he could do this on larger scale.

“We can provide good quality pesticide-free produce year round.

With a small loan from the Fogo Island Economic Development Partnership, they started the farm with 109 plants in the building that was once an old school house.

For decades, he’s tended to gardens of root vegetables and raised the odd goat, sheep, or hen.

Just to be able to be a part of the solution of that, knowing that we can offer people items that you can rarely get in good quality even in the summertime.

Selling at local farmers market and a few independent grocery stores in the region, they hope to one day place their products in larger stores.

“We’ve been growing now for just over a year.

The two-man operation is testing new crops, broccoli and cauliflower, to see if they’ll grow within their system.

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