TikTok launches a Green Screen Duet feature, tests dedicated ‘Topics’ feeds

The company today announced the launch of a new Green Screen Duet feature, which combines two of TikTok’s most popular editing tools to allow creators to use another video from TikTok as the background in their new video.

Green Screen Duet joins an existing set of Duet tools that let creators lay out two videos side-by-side.

Editing tools like Duet and Stitch are key to what makes TikTok not just a passive video viewing app but, rather, a new type of video-first social network.

For example, they may capture images or screen recordings, then use other editing tools to create a green screen effect like this.

When the feature is used, the Duetted video plays in the background over the new video being recorded.

TikTok has been busy upgrading its interface to improve recording and discovering new video content in its app in recent weeks, as Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat have tried to reproduce TikTok’s feature set in their own apps.

The feeds will be affected by factors like relevance, timeliness, and interest, and can help users find new content and creators outside of what their personalized For You page shows.

The integration is less elegant than Instagram’s Shops, as there’s not a native, universal cart or integrated payment mechanism.

now use TikTok than Instagram, or 37.3 million monthly active users compared with 33.3 million users, respectively.

Snapchat and Instagram have also been wooing creators with cash, and ultimately, if creators find they can make more money elsewhere they could shift some of their attention away from TikTok, no matter how many creative new features it adds.

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