Trump skips much of the final week before Iowa’s caucuses to go to court voluntarily instead

It seems like Trump is trying to use his court appearances to his advantage by keeping himself in the media spotlight and distracting from his rivals in Iowa. He’s presenting himself as an innocent man victimized by Democrats, which may help him connect with some voters who feel the same way. His campaign has been holding surrogate events in his absence, featuring top supporters like his eldest son and South Dakota Governor. These surrogates could play a bigger role if Trump’s criminal trials keep him off the campaign trail for extended periods. It’s clear that Trump is playing a strategic game here, attempting to stay relevant and gain an edge over his competitors in the upcoming primary. However, only time will tell if this strategy will be successful for him. In the meantime, he should focus on addressing the serious allegations against him and taking responsibility for his actions if necessary. Otherwise, he risks losing credibility and support from both the public and his party.