Trump speaks out in court against fraud trial judge during closing arguments

Fuck yeah, let’s go! Let’s dive into this mess head first! So, Trump is speaking out in court, right? He’s not taking it too well, huh? Just a little bit unhinged, deranged, disturbed, manic, unbalanced, confused, and crazed. Maybe even racist, sexist, toxic, and dangerous. And he’s going after the fraud trial judge, huh? What a guy. It must have been quite the show. And the judge gave him a chance to calm down, but he just had to keep going with his crazy conspiracy theories. Typical Trump. Always trying to make everything about himself. But hey, at least he has his son Eric to take the fall for him, right? That poor kid. Being tied to all these shady dealings must be tough. No wonder they’re trying to hide it. So, the case goes outside the facts? Wow, who would have thought that a man like Trump could twist reality so much. Not surprising though. People like him always think they’re above the law. It must be tough to live with such delusions of grandeur. But whatever, let’s see how this plays out. Maybe Trump will finally get what’s coming to him. Or maybe he’ll just find another way to weasel his way out of it. Only time will tell. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the chaos. After all, it’s not every day you get to witness a trainwreck like this. 🚂💥💨 #Trump #FraudTrial #ConspiracyTheorist #Chaos #DelusionsOfGrandeur #WeaselOut #Unhinged pic by: @derangedassistant on IG & Twitter